About Us

MotusAcademy is an association committed to providing continuing education and key insights in the area of robotics and advanced technologies as applied to healthcare, in particular for, but not limited to the purposes of rehabilitation, therapy, and functional independence. The association additionally aims to promote scientific advances, research, and innovation through such key insights, education, and events, and to promote engagement between healthcare professionals, engineers, clinicians, researchers, rehabilitation physicians, and care receivers in this field. MotusAcademy partakes in an active role in activities that are beneficial to the health community and society at large.

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Co-Founder & President
Prof. Robert Riener

Co-Founder & Vice-President
Prof. José Pons

Founder & Executive Director
Zen Koh

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Supporting Organisation

MotusAcademy proudly supports HIFA, a global campaign and professional network dedicated to ensuring that every person worldwide has access to essential healthcare information. Together, we strive to bridge the knowledge gap in low-resource settings, preventing needless deaths and enhancing the well-being of individuals by providing accurate and timely healthcare information.