MotusAcademy Joins the International Consortium for Rehabilitation Technology

MotusAcademy Joins the International Consortium for Rehabilitation Technology

MotusAcademy Joins the International Consortium for Rehabilitation Technology

February 22, 2023

MotusAcademy is the latest member that joined the International Consortium for Rehabilitation Technology (ICRT). Both societies are dedicated to promoting the advancement of rehabilitation technology.

The ICRT is an umbrella organisation for societies in the field of rehabilitation technology and facilitates communication and collaboration for science, outreach, and technology transfer. Founded in 2018, its main objective and the driver behind its inception is the RehabWeek, a biennial event that brings together all players in the field. ICRT plays a crucial role in pooling the resources and coordinating the activities with the local organisers, the professional conference organiser (PCO), and other entities. 

MotusAcademy, which holds its annual event, the GReAT Summit, short for Global Rehabilitation and Assistive Technology, will align its event every other year with RehabWeek. In September 2023, GReAT Summit will join RehabWeek for the first time in Singapore. 

“Awareness of rehabilitation technology is still in its infancy, and we need to work as widely as possible. We look forward to playing a part within the ICRT in jointly promoting the advancement of this field,” said Co-Founder and President of MotusAcademy, Professor Robert Riener. 

“We are excited to join ICRT,” said Zen Koh, Founder and Executive Director of MotusAcademy. “We look forward to collaborating with other members of the ICRT to share knowledge, ideas, and expertise for the advancement of the Rehabilitation Technology Industry and positively impact the world around us.”

“Working together is the only way we can deliver a positive change and achieve something for the greater good,” added Co-Founder and Vice President of MotusAcademy, Professor Jose Pons. 

President of ICRT, Dr Theirry Keller, mentioned, “We look forward to having MotusAcademy as a member of the ICRT. Hosting an international event requires plenty of resources, and we believe partnering with MotusAcademy, can bring the industry to the next level.”


Executive Director, MotusAcademy
Incoming President, IISART
Co-Founder & Global CEO, Fourier Intelligence

Zen is a visionary and pioneering influencer in the field of MedTech and Robotics for Rehabilitation. He has been involved in several successful start-ups and businesses in Singapore, Switzerland, and China for over two decades, providing medical devices, healthcare solutions, and services for people with disabilities and neurological patients. He was nominated as one of the 40 under 40 most influential industry leaders in MedTech in 2012.

Zen holds multiple leadership roles, including the incoming president and ambassador of the International Industry Society for Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART), General Chair for RehabWeek 2023, co-founder and Executive Director of the Swiss-based MotusAcademy Association, Managing Editor of the Journal of Rehabilitation Methods and Technologies (JRMT), and co-founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence Group. Under his leadership, Fourier has raised over USD100 million, notably in 2022, from renowned investors such as Saudi Aramco Prosperity 7 venture and Softbank Vision Fund 2.

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