MotusAcademy & ORITEL Group Inks Memorandum of Understanding to Fuel Advancement in Rehabilitation Technologies

MotusAcademy & ORITEL Group Inks Memorandum of Understanding to Fuel Advancement in Rehabilitation Technologies

MotusAcademy & ORITEL Group Inks Memorandum of Understanding to Fuel Advancement in Rehabilitation Technologies

April 24, 2024

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, 24 April 2024—In a significant move for the healthcare and rehabilitation technology industry, MotusAcademy, a pioneer in rehab tech education and collaboration, has recently signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the ORITEL Group. Based in Latin America, the ORITEL Group is dedicated to providing and developing habilitation, rehabilitation, and inclusion services for children and teenagers with disabilities. With aligned missions to improve rehabilitation services’ quality, both MotusAcademy and the ORITEL Group are committed to promoting scientific research within the industry.

The signing of the MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) marks the beginning of a promising collaboration between MotusAcademy and ORITEL Group. This partnership will strengthen and foster greater cooperation between the two parties, focusing on driving further advancements in rehabilitation technology. In addition, it will also explore new avenues for collaboration to drive innovative and effective rehabilitation solutions for patients, leveraging their collective expertise, network and resources to fuel transformative changes in the healthcare industry.

Picture 1: The signing ceremony marks a step forward for the rehab tech industry, facilitating cross-border resource sharing, networking, and collaboration.

Gracing the momentous signing ceremony were Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Executive Director of MotusAcademy; Dr. Ignacio Zapata, Vice President of ORITEL and Executive President of the Roosevelt-Teletón Colombia Institute; Verónica Rattin, Executive Director of ORITEL; Dr. Arturo Pichardo, Member of the Medical Committee for Inclusion of ORITEL and Corporate Medical Director of Teletón México and Ademir Domic, Executive Vice President of Teletón Chile.

Picture 2: With over two decades of experience, Zen’s love for rehab tech has led him to helm multiple roles in non-profit organisations, such as the President of IISART and Co-Founder & Executive Director of MotusAcademy.

“Collaboration is key to advancing the rehabilitation industry, as it enables industry partners to forge closer ties and share knowledge and technology for the betterment of the sector. We see this MOU as a significant milestone in our mission to drive innovation in healthcare. With the participation of the ORITEL Group, we anticipate that this partnership will foster even greater innovation through our collaborative efforts, allowing us to exchange knowledge and resources in rehabilitation technology,” said Zen Koh, Co-Founder and Executive Director of MotusAcademy.


Picture 3: The newly forged partnership will strengthen and foster greater cooperation, focusing on driving further advancements in rehabilitation technology.

“Our greatest aspiration is that this alliance represents an opportunity for homogeneous development for the countries that comprise the ORITEL system. It is very promising to agree on areas of collaboration with a prestigious global organisation of technologies at the service of people with disabilities. It is also stimulating to work synergistically with a partner capable of providing us tools for scientific research through research plans and training of our professional resources, as well as through access to recognised specialists and cutting-edge centres,” said Verónica Rattin, Executive Director of ORITEL.

She added: “For ORITEL, it would be an objective to verify that this synergy will produce concrete results in the continuous improvement of our comprehensive care at the service of people with disabilities. Particularly, our mission is to contemplate results in those ORITEL countries urgently needing technology and professional resources that are increasingly prepared to reach the areas of greatest social vulnerability with comprehensive rehabilitation.”

MotusAcademy, a nonprofit organisation, stands at the forefront of a transformative movement within the rehabilitation technology industry. With a core commitment to empowering accessible rehabilitation technology and knowledge, it goes beyond conventional boundaries, aiming to revolutionise practice and perception. Through the strategic launch of diverse educational and collaborative initiatives, the organisation empowers a broad spectrum of stakeholders, including professionals and students, with the latest tools and insights.

About MotusAcademy

MotusAcademy: Advancing Healthcare Through Education and Innovation

MotusAcademy is a leading association committed to providing continuous education and valuable insights into robotics and advanced technologies applied to healthcare, with a particular focus on rehabilitation, therapy, and functional independence. The association promotes scientific advances, research, and innovation through comprehensive educational programs, events, and knowledge-sharing initiatives.

MotusAcademy provides a platform for engagement between healthcare professionals, engineers, clinicians, researchers, rehabilitation physicians, and care receivers. The association recognises the importance of collaboration and the benefits of bringing together industry leaders from diverse backgrounds to drive innovation and create new solutions for the healthcare industry. The association is committed to promoting the industry’s growth and contributing to healthcare advancement through education and innovation.

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Executive Director, MotusAcademy
Incoming President, IISART
Co-Founder & Global CEO, Fourier Intelligence

Zen is a visionary and pioneering influencer in the field of MedTech and Robotics for Rehabilitation. He has been involved in several successful start-ups and businesses in Singapore, Switzerland, and China for over two decades, providing medical devices, healthcare solutions, and services for people with disabilities and neurological patients. He was nominated as one of the 40 under 40 most influential industry leaders in MedTech in 2012.

Zen holds multiple leadership roles, including the incoming president and ambassador of the International Industry Society for Advanced Rehabilitation Technology (IISART), General Chair for RehabWeek 2023, co-founder and Executive Director of the Swiss-based MotusAcademy Association, Managing Editor of the Journal of Rehabilitation Methods and Technologies (JRMT), and co-founder and Global CEO of Fourier Intelligence Group. Under his leadership, Fourier has raised over USD100 million, notably in 2022, from renowned investors such as Saudi Aramco Prosperity 7 venture and Softbank Vision Fund 2.

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