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MotusAcademy is having this exciting Webinar Series (Fall Edition) with the theme, Innovation Rehabilitation Technologies: The Journey from Prototyping to Commercialisation
Join us to listen to the sharings by innovators, researchers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

Challenges in Prototyping and Product Development: From Ideation to Patenting

In this video, Prof Denny Oetomo from The University of Melbourne and Dr Arno Stienen, the current Scientific Advisor of Fourier Intelligence shared their industry and academic perspectives on prototyping, product development and intellectual property (IP).

From Rehab Tech Research to Starting your Business!

Two important speakers, Prof Milos R. Popovic and Dr Tony Ingram who have extensive experiences in academic research shared about their journey on how they started their rehabilitation technology company.

Market Access: From Analysis to Reimbursement & Adoption

Two crucial experts, Dr Angela Smalley, PhD and Robin Toorneman, MSc. will share their experience in the market access strategy for medical devices and healthcare technologies. Dr Smalley has a research background in rehabilitation sciences. Mr Toonerman has a strong academic background and hands-on experience in innovating healthcare, particularly in MedTech and eHealth.

Putting it All Together: Venture Capital & Strategies

This sharing session is on the general overview of the process of securing funds and putting available resources together to bring the essential technology into the market. Dr Alexander Koenig, the current CEO of Munich-based med-tech startup Reactive Robotics, will share his experience on market access, adoption and implications for coverage and reimbursement based on coding.

MotusAcademy is back with another of its very own Webinar Series (Summer Edition) with the theme, Innovation in Healthcare: Assistive Technologies for Rehabilitation.
Here’s to staying in tune and never missing out!

Functional Electrical Stimulation: Deep Dive into Clinical Evidence

Telerehabilitation: An Innovative Model for Community Care

Virtual Reality: Augmenting Experiences in Functional Therapy

Neuromodulation: Research & Applications of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

MotusAcademy has officially kickstarted its very own first Webinar Series (Spring Edition) on 17th February 2022.
We ensure that you do not miss out on it!

Diving into the Future of Rehabilitation: Coffee with the Leaders
Upper Limb Robotics: A Clinician’s Perspective
Lower Limb Robotics: Intelligent Solutions to Gait Training
Hand Robotics: From Engineers to Clinicians

Watch effective, up-to-date, research-based practices in action. Gain insights from professionals in the field. Boost your learning experiences in your own time and path.

Watch the hand rehabilitation webinar: Soft Exoskeleton for Hand Rehabilitation and its Application at Home

Watch the robotic rehabilitation webinar: Facing the Challenges in Clinical Use of Rehabilitation Robot

Watch the robotic rehabilitation webinar: Bringing Arm Recovery Within Reach: Neurorehabilitation Robot
Watch the robotics webinar: Current Use and Future Direction of Robotics in a Rehabilitation Program
Watch the exoskeleton webinar: Transforming rehabilitation Practice with Wearable Lower Limb Exoskeletons